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Sleep Phones

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Are you sleeping right now? Do you enjoy white noise, ambient music, or binaural beats? If the answer is “yes”, then “no” then a confusing “yes” again, I’ve got great news for you. These are Sleep Phones (cleverly named as opposed to “headphones”). I’m a light sleeper, and I find soothing ambient noises (from an ipod) help a lot. There’s nothing better than some pretty sweet light rain mixed with the gentle sounds of  some awesomely tranquil bamboo in the wind. Or whatever you’re into, because I don’t judge. I haven’t tried binaural beats, but I’m planning to, I hear great things. I’ve got an ipod docking station and I set the volume on my nightstand, and it works pretty well. So what’s the problem now? I have a girlfriend. And something I’m really into at night (and she’s really not) is an Oriental sleeping app (Relax Melodies Oriental – I recommend it) that plays, according to her, high-pitched creepy music that scares her while she’s dreaming (I do put on the most melancholic track and pretend I am a Samurai, so that’s definitely why) .  What’s another problem? I go to bed late, and the landscapers start early. And I’m not going to kick the bass on my dreaming sounds to drown it out because that frankly doesn’t make any sense. Third? You need headphones to use binaural beats, which again, is something I want to get into.


But there is no way I can wear headphones while I sleep. I tried it, and they fall out. Also, I sleep on my side, and it hurts my ears a lot. Then I take them out because it hurts, then I’m awake because my ears hurt and feel stupid for trying to wear headphones to bed again. So here’s what we got, a pretty ingenious idea. They are flat headphones inside of a headband (like a flat cookie that’s delicious to your ears). And that’s it. I would like to say more, but the concept speaks for itself. You can strap it on, lay down for the night (on your side if you want), and know that everything will work  itself out just fine. Just relax, close your eyes, and your dreams will come true (as in, you will be dreaming). Solves all of my problems, and maybe some of yours.  They don’t advertise this, but as an added bonus you can put the headband over your eyes, which I like to do.  It’s $40 with free super saver shipping. There’s a couple $20 ones on Amazon too. Check those out if you want to save some money (there will be a link under this on Amazon for them I’m sure). I can’t tell you about those ones, but I’ve read that they are alright, but not great for sleeping (better for working out it seems, according to what I have read about them).  Anyways, here’s the Sleep Phones, I hope you have lots of dreams about how I made your life better by writing this, or at least some pretty awesome dreams about flying and touching the stars with your emotional well-being:



Post your dreams in the comments. Maybe we can figure out what is wrong/right with you.