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Insane MakeUp Kit

Are you a girl or do you know a girl? Then you know how much money is spent on makeup. Here is a ridiculously detailed makeup kit for $25 shipped free that looks great. I don’t own this, but I am going to buy it for my girlfriend. I was looking through Amazon for makeup kits to see if I could find the best one, and when I clicked on this my girlfriend squealed… literally squealed loudly with excitement and delight. I’m not a makeup expert, but I have studied enough social sciences to know that that’s all the market research I need to tell you that a girl you know may really really like this. And, if you are a lady reading this, I would bet a small amount of money that you probably like what you see. If not, let me know, because it looks pretty good to me. ┬áHere’s the full specs:

98 shimmer eye shadows
70 pastel shimmer eye shadows or gloss eye shadows
6 lip brushes, 3 blushes,7 sponge brushes, 2 lip brushes, 1 blush brush and 1 mirror
Compact folding case with purse straps, gift set style
Designed in USA and manufactured in a factory which makes high end cosmetics