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Free Amazon Student Prime

So, apparently not a lot of people know about Amazon Prime. More so, I think less people know about the offer for students. Do you have a .edu address because you are a student? If yes, you should keep reading. Amazon Prime is free 2-day shipping for any product from an Amazon warehouse (some items are sold through Amazon by a third-party, not directly from Amazon). ¬†Anything you see as free super shipper savings is also Prime. But instead of making the order $25 or more, and like a week to ship or whatever it is nowadays (I use Prime), it is 2-day shipping for free, and there is no minimum amount. I’ve ordered stuff from the other side of the USA for under $1 and it came on time with 2-day shipping always (I’m sure they lost money on that of course).


Anyways, Amazon gives Prime membership away for students (with a valid .edu email address) for free for 6 months (used to be 1 year). That’s free unlimited 2-day Amazon shipping for, again, free. And no minimum order. It can be for 50 cents and you will get free 2-day shipping. And they don’t automatically charge you once the time is up (at least, that was their policy when I signed up awhile ago, but if not it takes maybe a few clicks to change that if they changed their policy). If you don’t know about this, it’s really one of the great Internet secrets that you should know about. After my time was up for free Prime, they gave me 50% off if I wanted to actually pay for it. It costs $80 normally, so I paid $40 for 1 year (I graduated my latest degree this year so no longer a student, but I don’t know if you could re-up for free if you were a student, maybe call and they would do it) and I am getting basically everything I buy on my doorstep in two days with free shipping, besides the grocery store shopping (I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon because of this convenience).


So to summarize, if you have a .edu email address, sign up for Amazon Prime for free. I’ve told many friends about it, they never did it, then they either graduated or failed out of college, and cannot do it anymore, which was a waste. It’s a great opportunity, it’s free, sign up if you ever plan on using Amazon. And with paid Prime (because I pay for Prime now, which still saves me lots of money and I get free 2-day shipping on everything) I also get access to lots of movies and tv shows. Amazon is basically working on competing with Hulu Plus and Netflix right now in this regard, so they have a lot of media content, so I have been watching a lot of Dr. Who for free from my Amazon Prime membership in my spare time (but I couldn’t do this on my free student account – access the media content, just so you know). But everything about Prime is great, ESPECIALLY when it is free when you have a .edu address. ¬†There is absolutely no downside and no reason not to sign up, if you have a .edu email address.


Here’s the link to get awesome free 2-day shipping (as a student):