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Dirt Devil Stik Vacuum

What’s the best thing since sliced apples? I imagine you know that it’s the Dirt Devil Stik Vacuum. $21 and free shipping, it’s a super lightweight vacuum that turns into a duster-buster-type of thing by detaching the bottom, and then you can attach the long straight nose-thing to get into tight corners and whatnot. Sorry, I am not a vacuum expert. But, this thing weighs almost nothing. And it turns into a duster buster type of thing. Put on the attachment, and you can vacuum in the cracks around your fridge or whatever. It’s amazing. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s the best thing I’ve spent $21 in a long time, by far. Read the reviews (I read them all before I ordered) and it’s true that it will not replace your heavy-duty vacuum. It’s not good to try to vacuum a 5 bedroom house with this. But it’s perfect for my small apartment.


I’ve got an expensive heavy duty vacuum and now I never use it, because I don’t have to. It’s also true that you have to empty it every time or every other time you use it. No heck! Because it’s tiny and weighs like, a few ounces of happiness (not official specs).  It definitely picks up scattered cat litter, btw, even though some reviews say it doesn’t (which is basically why I bought it originally, before it exceeded my expectations dramatically).  The day it came I told my girlfriend it was a present for her (jokingly). She said paraphrased, “hardy har Bill, that’s great, this is for you!” And do you know what happened? I woke up the next day with her vacuuming for hours and having a great time doing it. And she had never vacuumed the apartment before. I always had to do it. Do you know why? Well, the regular large vacuum is pretty heavy and she never wanted to really touch the thing and left “all that” up to me (because it was too heavy for her to move it turns out, so she hated to try to vacuum). And she got ahold of this lightweight “stik” vacuum, and she could not stop vacuuming for days, because it was so easy for her (and she is fairly “dainty” – but she can vacuum all day with this and loves it).


Super lightweight, take off the bottom for a hand-held duster buster type thing, then add the long narrow nose kinda attachment so it can reach everywhere, and she was super happy to be vacuuming all over. Whenever we want to do a big clean I still will break out the heavy-duty vacuum, but this changed the perception of reality for my girlfriend and the ability and ease to clean our apartment, and she loves it tremendously. I recommend this 100% as long as you know that it is a light cleaner, not a full vacuum solution for a large house.  But if you have a small place, this is super cheap and a great product. And again, the best $21 I can think of ever spending, for value/dollar ratio. I’m going to list this under “Home Decor” also, just because a home should have this.